Bridg-it created Celebrity Pulse to further engage student in positive digital communication within their community by partnering schools with national or local celebrities, icons and athletes. With Celebrity Pulse, celebrities can directly and safely communicate with and support a community of fans and followers through Shout Outs, Post and Rewards on the School News Feed. Using their status, they are able to push meaningful and inspiring units into a school community creating positive lasting change and empowerment.

Primary Features

  • Create a safe communication channel between student, parent, teacher and celebrity that enables celebrities to encourage students’ social and academic accomplishments
  • Create opportunities for celebrities to inspire, applaud and reward school communities and students using Pulse’s controlled positive social communication tools
  • Use the Celebrity Response Dashboard, a safe feedback loop, to show celebrities their impact on students and school communities beyond “# of followers” and “# of likes”
  • Generate de-identified and aggregated data on student response metics by shout outs sent, shout back received, user type, grade, gender, and age.
Receive Celebrity “Shout Outs”
Send a celebrity a “Shout Back”
Keep a digital record of celebrities who “adopt” your school.
“Like” celebrity posts on your school’s newsfeed