Bridgit is Making its Mark in Florida as it Partners with FCSA

Bridgit is Making its Mark in Florida as it Partners with FCSA
Dec 05, 2018

Partnership - National: Bridgit is expanding into school districts across the country, providing more students and educators with the tools to proactively shift school culture. We are dedicated to partnering with organizations and groups that support school communities and share our passion for improving student safety, health, and success. Our newest partner organization, the Florida Charter School Alliance (FCSA), is guiding the charter school community in advancing the quality of learning environments and passionately pursuing its mission to improve student achievement. This partnership will help get our next generation of school safety technology into schools across the country so we can proactively lead the movement in shifting school culture for good. When students feel safe and supported, they are able to reach their greatest potential, academically, socially and emotionally to the benefit of the whole school community. No community should be left behind.

“Students today are constantly exposed to and bombarded with harmful messaging, which has lasting effects on their mental, social and emotional health. One of the goals of Bridgit is to provide a powerful digital voice in schools that teaches and creates lifelong habits of positive communication and relationships,” said Bridgit Founder and CEO Jeff Ervine. “By aligning our students, their parents, and teachers on our private Bridgit School platform, school communities can more easily promote positivity and refuse to tolerate bullying and violence. We are very excited to partner with FCSA to bring Bridgit to more school districts across the country.”

The Florida Charter School Alliance is a dedicated group of educators, community leaders, and philanthropists advancing the charter school movement across Florida. Founded in 2010, the non-profit, member-driven Florida Charter School Alliance has successfully and continues to advocate for and collaborate with local charter schools, passionately pursuing its mission to improve student achievement and support its members in a variety of areas including advocacy, community relations, crisis management, and school administration support, among others. Learn more about FCSA HERE.

Bridgit provides school communities with powerful tools to proactively create an optimal school culture where students and teachers feel safe, are supported socially, emotionally and academically, and are able to achieve their greatest potential. We’re not just about ending bullying but building a culture that forbids it. The patented, digital application uses community-sourced communications and real-time analytics to identify and address safety concerns early, engage the school community, establish trust and shift negative behaviors. Bridgit’s tools will guide schools into the future of safe and positive education. Learn more HERE.

To see if your school system is participating in Bridgit or to schedule a free demo, please contact If your school is not signed up, you can reach out to your school’s Superintendent, School Safety Officer, or Principal and request Bridgit be launched in your school.

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