Founder's Story

Jeffrey Ervine

Founder & CEO

Why Jeff Ervine created Bridgit

Jeff was the target of an extremely severe type of online defamation that was an act of revenge by a criminal who Jeff helped convict.  For years, he was forced to live with the impact of severe identity threat, that destroyed his professional career, negatively affected his social life, and the lives of those closest to him.  While solving his defamation problem he developed a unique understanding of the power of today’s social technology to do permanent, life changing harm.  Through his experience he came to realize that the only effective way to address online bullying and harassment in schools (or in any community) is by identifying potential problems early before they morph into real incidents of bullying, harassment or abuse.  Jeff and his team of experts (in technology, law and restorative practices) have created the first set of data-driven mobile tools to empower community members to create and enforce the boundaries necessary to create cultures of safety and wellness in schools.